Emotional Well-Being

A passage to building resilience.

12th March to 15th April 2024 (Break - 25th March to 31st March)
Learning Session Time (online) :
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, Tuesday and Friday
Daily Activities :
At your convenient time of the day
Course Fee : ₹22,000 + 18% GST

Valid Till: 2024-04-29

₹22000 excluding GST

28 Day Online Re-Boot Camp

A passage to building resilience


Stress is part and parcel of daily life. How can you equip yourself to pre-empt and manage better? What is it you need to know to switch 'On' or switch Off? What has the human body come pre-equipped with?

The Goal is to enable you to reflect on how you can make the move from “copability to capability”.

- In the Learning Session, you will learn about the stress cycle and understand how long-term stress affects your physiology and daily functioning. Also to understand how your emotions act as communication messengers. The differences between your emotions, moods and feelings is another aspect touched upon here.
- Through the Daily Activities, you will be able to identify your stressors (what throws you off balance), your energizers (what brings you back to balance), and your very own unique coping mechanisms. There are also activities that show you how to release stress held within the structure of your body.
- The Meal Plan for this first week helps you notice that small changes that you bring about through an external input like food or the weekly activity, can in fact change your internal environment. Knowing that the food you eat is fuel for your body, you will begin by adding the 'right' fuel with simple actions to bring a sense of balance in your emotional life. The fact remains that your internal environment makes an immediate impact on how you express your emotions…be it through the mood-swings you have or the new feelings you begin to experience.

The second session for this week introduces you to the messengers buzzing around within your body - your hormones, who they are and what gets them going and how they affect and influence your emotions.

The Intention here is to balance and discharge the influence of stress hormones on your emotions.

- During the Learning Session, you will learn about stress hormones and growth hormones and a whole lot more between them. There will also be a demonstration of easy-to-do-techniques to release and recharge yourself.
- The Daily Activities for the week will continue to help you to discharge stress, identify your emotions more precisely and to start preparing your own “toolbox of energizers.”
- The Meal Plan tunes you in to what your body is communicating through the cravings you have. You will continue with the addition of right fuel (nourishers). You will continue with the addition of the right fuels (nourishers), to create the right internal environment.


Week 2 takes you to the world around you, how you feel, reciprocate, and perceive this through your Senses.
(Not just the 5 you can touch and feel - but your entire Sensory System, including the brain in your gut

The Goal for this week is to recognise what you feel, listen to, and believe in (your perception), and how this alters your Immune System. Which in turn shapes your sense of well-being.

- The Learning Session will focus on the incredible capacity of your Immune System, its functions, and how stress and an overloaded Sensory System makes your Immune System go awry. Learn about ways to relax your senses and deactivate yourself.
- Daily Activities will focus on your fears, your likes and dislikes, and bring you closer in touch with your senses. We will continue with stress discharge through deep relaxation rituals.
- Knowing that gut bacteria play a critical role in boosting immunity, the Meal Plan for this week helps you to keep your gut bacteria happy through your food and lifestyle choices.

You are who you are because of repeated daily actions (conscious, sub-conscious & unconscious), which all coalesce to become your habits.

The Intention here is to distil which habits serve you and which ones enslave you.

- In this segment the Learning Session teaches you how habits work, how to break old habits, and build new ones.
- The Daily Activities are designed to reflect on your daily habits and what new actions you can take to break or strengthen habits.
- Identify your habits of stress eating, your need for stimulants, your cravings, and learn how to avoid / cut down / substitute foods that trigger internal stress. That’s the do-able goal for the Meal Plan of this week.


“Sleep is not a luxury but a biological necessity”. What does this mean, how does the lack of it topple our emotions, immune response and stress tolerance?

The Mega Purpose of this week is to unplug from all that keeps us wired and awake, by clearing and stilling the brain.

- The Learning Session throws light on the difference between sleep and rest, the importance of circadian rhythms, and the knowledge that there is a function to why we fall asleep - and what happens when we can’t.
- Perform Daily Activities that are geared towards preparing your body for deep and rested sleep.
- Repair, Regeneration, Purification and Building happen when your body is in a state of rest. Through this week's Meal Plan, work on how to add foods that provide the right fuel (material) for these functions


In this continuing segment of Week 3, understand the web of interconnections between your food habits, your reaction to stress due to the foods you eat, and how and what you eat literally feeds your emotions.

The focus is to zoom in on your daily plate to support you to become mindful of each morsel you place in your mouth….gradually! Learn to become conscious of your food choices.

- Through the Learning Session understand the consequences of foods that act as stimulants (acid causing food) and what cravings signify.
- Daily Activities will help you identify your likes and dislikes and to create a Personal Meal Planner for the week.
- Use the Meal Plan to build a nourishing food routine for yourself and your family - to support emotional balance so that food is not a point of conflict or stress


Week 4 will provide the test and practise-ground for all that you learnt from the three weeks before - on your own. This experience will enable you to understand better about neuroplasticity and the mechanism of brain rewiring.

The purpose is to know that your thoughts affect your actions which affect your experiences.

- In the Learning Session learn how new neural connections can be formed in the brain, for learning, un-learning, re-learning to unfold. Discover which factors strengthen your immune system, simply through how you wire (or re-wire) yourself.
- Daily Activities are designed to re-wire neural connections.
- Your Meal Plan will prepare you to be a master chef at adapting, changing and keeping nourishment high, despite stressors or sudden changes in your routine


The thoughts in your head, your perceptions and each and every experience that leaves an imprint on you, defines who you are. You are a thumb print on the canvas of this vast universe. As distinct and special.

In this Last and Concluding Segment, embrace your uniqueness. Know yourself where it matters most and create your own passage to building resilience



To keep us all in Wellness Consciousness.
To create a safety net of support through interaction with a like minded community.
To share experiences that strengthen Natural Laws, to root within.


At the end of the 28 day Re-boot Camp, a personal one on one session will be held with you - either on zoom or in person.
This is to draw out a Road Map with you, for the next 6 months to a year.
It will be made in consultation with the Course Facilitator, your Health Enabler and the De-activation Facilitator.

The Road Map will be your guide to navigate through areas that need more attention, or where you will need to work to make your strong stronger!

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