Being around for 35 years has taught us one thing for certain - to learn to adapt.
From being a brick and mortar set up with face-to-face in-depth interaction as a core driving activity, here we are on an online platform, learning to ride these sudden new waves, so that we can continue to do what we do best...
Which is to educate people to take better care of themselves, by shifting focus from an illness mindset towards wholeness.

When THAC's founder Dr. Vijaya Venkat started the Centre in 1989, she had one clear mission, which was to empower people with the power that already exists within each of us. This is a power that comes from reconnecting with the wisdom of the body, its design and function. As she called it, a process of “re-education” to recognise, familiarise and understand the potential for well-being. It is a power that enables us to live in health fearlessly, with vitality and zest. Irrespective of the pulls and pushes that surround us every single day.

This ability is one that has to be re-learnt, so that we can make informed choices and stay grounded in them, especially when confronted with a tide of ever changing competing ones.

THAC Learning is such a platform, designed around topics that have alarmingly shown up, during the COVID outbreak.
Anxiety, panic attacks, sleepless nights, fatigue, brain fog, weight gain and loss, low self esteem, high never ending stress, continuous nagging pain, stiffness, bloating, the list rolls on. We tend to ignore or suppress these niggling signals, unconsciously waiting for a bigger symptomatic break-down or emergency.

The THAC Learning platform has been set up to pre-empt where possible, and take control of such symptoms, so that better health and well-being, becomes an experienced reality. Learning to be kind & patient with ourselves, being empathetic to our circumstances, and most importantly - to have clarity and certainty in our actions, ...all this and more is what THAC Learning is about. Its foundation is based on Natural Laws, propelled by our motto - Self Care is Health Care is Earth Care.



The COVID outbreak has shifted the entire idea of what “normalcy” means. The virus and its ensuing aftermath, has affected us all physically, emotionally and mentally. The importance of taking care of ourselves, our health & immunity, our loved ones, including our own sense of being in control, has never felt so stretched and frayed at the edges. In the current situation with many juggling different roles, there seems to be little time or space to take care of ourselves - the emphasis being on “Care”.

The THAC Re-boot Camp has been set up to -
- Live without fear of illness & disease
- Understand the cause of illness and take action
- Create a rhythm & routine of Self-Care in daily life
- Have health management tools within our reach, to manage life better

- As a 28 day Camp
- Learning sessions twice a week (on weekdays) on a health related concept
- Daily activities for self reflection, understanding action - to do with physical-structure, mental-poise, meal-plan & self-discovery
- Worksheets to dwell deeper, Videos to expand vision, DIYs to get inspired by, Resources to imbibe
- On one common platform to access worksheets/ videos/ links
- With a team of facilitators to guide and mentor through each of the sessions
- Along with ongoing hand holding from THAC's Health Enablers on a WHATSAPP group through this period.
The WHATSAPP group becomes an online community with fellow participants supporting and nudging each other along this journey.
In parallel, the WHATSAPP app will also be used to connect on a one-on-one individually with you.
Your Health Enabler will support and answer your queries as you deepen your understanding and practise.

- A thorough understanding of the concept with an action plan to make it do-able and easy
- To learn to reflect and assess the day regularly so that there is no residual build up
- To feel capable and empowered in managing day to day stresses and health issues
- That you are not alone on this journey but part of a larger group in a similar situation

- Wholeheartedness in participation
- Commitment in carrying out the exercises
- Open, free flowing communication

- For those looking to manage their health and well-being
- For first timers to THAC
- As well as those who want to revisit health concepts
An enrolment form to be submitted, followed by an orientation & conversation with a THAC team member

- One and a Half to Two hours Learning Sessions twice a week (on weekdays)
- Sessions on Physical Movement & Sensory Relaxation
- Rest of the week : an hour of engagement everyday for self development










In the pipe line



Nutrition is the understanding of how our body works, what it needs and what it does not. It is the philosophy of life itself, and not merely the knowledge of food - as is commonly understood. Nutrition covers the entire sphere of living. It is only through correct Nutrition that health and healthy living can be achieved.

- To bring back the importance and relevance of Nutrition in daily living.
- To look at Nutrition as a whole, without fragmenting into isolated parts like diets or calorie intake or specific treatments for an ailment.
- To break current prevailing myths on Food and move towards health-boosting choices based on wholesome, natural, raw, palatable and sustainable foods.
- Not many of us are able to experience vibrant health - and yet health is the natural state of our body! Hard to accept perhaps, yet that is what the human body has been designed for.
- Understanding that dis-ease is the body not being at ease.

At THAC we believe in the philosophy that Self Care is the most direct way to Health Care. Health Care is living according to Natural Laws. Health itself is a state of wholeness, where every organ is in sync with other organs. This state can be experienced when we live in alignment with Natural Laws. Both Self Care & Health Care are closely connected with Earth Care.
Our lifestyle choices hence, should be based on ethical and ecological principles, which can build our own capacity to stay well, as well as knowing that what is good for our body is good for the earth too.
Step by step, session by session, the intention of this program is to equip you to take care of yourself and your family. Its goal is to move you towards natural, healthy, sustainable living so as to support Self Care is Health Care is Earth Care. The focus is on moving towards a harmonious, health-stimulating lifestyle - daily!

- 9 weeks - once a week, 3 hour sessions, to integrate side-by-side Theory and Experience, Information and Daily Practice. 

- Each session is linked with the next, hence it is important to attend all 9 sessions.
- 6 Theoretical Sessions with interactive discussions on Nutrition, Food, Body, Disease, Health and Earth Care. The sessions throw light on aspects related to Food Habits and Choices, Body Wisdom, Disease Spectrum, Nutrition Concepts and Earth Care principles. It takes into account current fads and views through the lens of Natural Laws and Nature's design.
- 3 practical demonstrations on Kitchen Management and preparing dishes in the correct way.
- Every session provides an Information Booklet, Breath Awareness, De-activation Techniques and Movement, Nutritious Meal and Drink, and Earth Management Tools. Along with Audio-Visual aids. As well as Daily Tips to practise and integrate concepts.
- In-person classes, learning as a group with other participants, thereby enriching the learning experience.
- A team of Class Facilitators and mentors to guide you on this wellness path. To support you in implementing the action plans, to answer your queries. 
One class facilitator will be in touch, every week, in between each session, with you.
- There will be an individual Personal Counselling session, at the end of the 9 weeks, to help you understand and recognise your body's signals and tendencies through the symptoms you are experiencing.

- Ongoing support through THAC’s Class Facilitator on a WhatsApp group. The WhatsApp group becomes an online community with fellow participants, to stay rooted in Natural Laws.

- The 9 weeks will help you to break myths about Food and Health, and change your perception about your Body and the Disease process, so that you can take charge of your own health, with a deeper understanding.
- To experience your body’s potential by understanding its functions.
- Understanding the conditions that throw your body off balance, the causes of dis-ease.
- An action plan to make it do-able and easy, so that you feel capable and empowered in managing your day to day health symptoms.
- To live a life without medications.
- Individual Personal Counselling will help you establish a harmonious rhythm and routine in your daily life, by being in sync with Natural Laws.
- To know about the natural resources of the Body and that of the Earth and make daily lifestyle choices to support the Body and Earth.
- In the end, you will draw out a Road Map for the next 6 months to a year. The Road Map is your tool to navigate through your Food habits, Lifestyle choices, Creative pursuits, your Work, your Connect with others, with Nature, your Research, your Heart... in short, the Road Map is a stepping stone to exploring the potential within you, by applying the concepts and principles learned during the 9 weeks.

- To know that you are not alone on this journey but part of a larger group to share the learnings, challenges and experiences during the program and post the program.


- A genuine interest in exploring the potential of well-being.
- Regular attendance and carrying out the action plan for the week.
- Reaching out to the Class Facilitator for any clarification and queries.
- Being in touch with the Class Group, through the WhatsApp group formed in-between the sessions.

- For those interested in understanding the workings of the human body through the lens of Natural Laws.
- For first timers to THAC.
- As well as those who want to revisit health concepts.
- For those who understand the concepts yet find it difficult to practise as daily actions.
- For those who want to take charge of their health and the health of their family.
- A Health Assessment form to be submitted, following which a THAC Team member will have a conversation and provide orientation.

- Every Saturday for 3 hours from 11:00am to 2:00pm for the weekend batch
- Rest of the week : to put the action plan for the week into practice, closely self -observe and connect with the Class Facilitator.



Some 120+ plus Open Houses ago,
When Dr Vijaya Venkat took the mic @ The Worli Nehru Planterium basement,
For the first inaugral edition of the Open House,
Her intention was simple-
To bring together a community of Wellness seekers,
Through the common language of Right Food & Right Living.

She wanted to enable collective attention, focus and consciousness,
To that of Health & Well-Being,
Instead of Illness & Disease.
To help people make the shift from Cure to Care.
By "shaking" themselves away from Fear to Faith. By emptying the cup. By making Additions instead of Subtractions.
By redirecting Awareness on what "fuels" we can add to energise, harmonize, balance our minds and bodies.
"Your Psychology influences your Physiology which determines your Pathology",
was one of Dr Vijaya Venkat's unforgettable one liners.

- Information oriented health talks on varied issues that directly or indirectly affect our health.
- Tool provided for processing current health standards and views.
- Forum to bring together THAC members to share discuss and learn about ongoing health concerns.
- To recharge the health battery by understanding health from the body’s point of view.

It used to be DVDs as recordings of the Open House for circulation, till a while ago...untill computers & newer tech modes made them all defunct!
THACs archives, from a period even earlier than that (1990's to early 2000) holds 150 plus odd CDs & tape audio- cassettes of Open House recordings, from the pre-Video era!

While THACs Open House tradition continues, (with a break during the pandemic years), recordings have now been re-invented, in a fresh and new avatar as ONLINE versions.

Making recordings available Online- (with Life time accessibility & learning) has been a giant welcome tech- leap for us at THAC.
* To enable the collected talks, recordings of the past Open Houses, available to a larger audience, on a wider platform.
* To release it from the stored archives & the memory of the learnings from that event.
* To share current, on-going, new Open House topics with outstation community members or those unable to attend.
* To circulate and keep alive the wisdom of the Body and Natural Laws, as a legacy to continue.

These Online Recordings are a mixed collection in progress...
- Of Some Thing New - which are current Open House topics.
- As well as the Somethings which still matter, the topics that stay relevant, as the issues they touch on, are all continuing aspects of daily living.
The topic of "The Neuroscience Of Feeling Safe & Connected", was the very first Online version, on this platform.
It holds a very special spot, for both the new format we introduced (online subscriptions), as well as because it was the first reconnection with our community at the event, after 3 years.
Click on the "More" button below, to view the topics that have been covered, and have been uploaded here, for you to subscribe to.
Each poster has the topic & date of when it was held. The newest release is posted first.




212, 2nd floor, B Wing, 108 Nav Neelam Building, Dr RG Thadani Marg, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400018


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