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Vitamin B & D : The Catalysts

What do we know about Vitamins and Supplements in general? Really know?
Do they sustain?
Do they meet a lack?
What do our blood reports reveal?
Do they help?
Do they cause collateral damage?
Do we ever ask ourselves these questions before popping a pill? Or seeking a prescription?
Or making changes in our diet? Or chewing on herbs/ spices?
Usually our strongest association of Vitamins & Supplements is with that of lack – indicated to us through our reports or symptoms i.e. when our reports indicate a “low” level of D3 or when our knees hurt we attribute that to a “lack” of calcium. Have you ever wondered how we have been extrapolating a whole i.e. our body, on one tiny pill?

The recording of this OPEN HOUSE (on VITAMINS B & D : The Catalysts), provides an understanding-
- On how the actions we are taking, either by ignoring symptoms or over-reacting with quick fixes, are creating a domino-effect.
- On how the human body really absorbs and assimilates such additions, to function.
- On the roles that Vitamins play.
- On why and when supplements give us results.
- On how we can be in charge to restore a sense of well being.

Watch the live recording online, by subscribing to it above.

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