Facts & Myths on Calcium, Bones, Skeletal Health and more.
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Do You Need A Bone Coach?

Facts & Myths on Calcium, Bones, Skeletal Health and more.

For most people, the word “Bone” conjures up an image of a white cylindrical object (usually in a dog’s mouth) or a skeleton hanging in the science lab! For others it makes them think of the words “calcium and supplements and osteoporosis and arthritis”- all at once.

Associations are rather ingrained in us. Yet, are these really the right associations?
Does a bone in fact look like that?
Do all bones look alike?
Does bone and calcium go hand in hand or are they co-dependent or independent?
Maybe it’s time to take a relook and challenge these associations.

We have heard of people getting iron rods or knee replacements or hip replacements. They seem to be quite mobile too. However, is that the only function of a bone? If all the bones in our body were replaced by iron or steel parts, would we still be able to function? Or do bones play other equally important roles in our body? If we knew, would we view and treat bones differently?

Bones have been known to exist for millions of years in the form of fossils. Why then is there a strong belief in the brittleness of bones? Why are we so fearful of bones losing their strength? Is there something that we can do or do differently for our bone health? Do we need a coach or can we trust the body to do its job?

We think of Bones as only a hangar for the rest of our body. Yet fractures are known to heal themselves. Bones are a mystery, to unravel…which is what this Open House Recording on
“Do you need a Bone Coach?”, will do.

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