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Simple Solutions to Stressful Living

Don’t we feel stressed just thinking about Stress? Stress is probably the most feared autological word - a word that describes itself!

Stress is an automatic response designed by Nature to protect us from danger. This natural mechanism is seen in animals too. Some animals face the reality of being hunted every day. It is this “stress” that the animal experiences that helps the animal respond and protect itself.
Surprising isn’t it? How does that happen?

* If feeling stressed is natural and designed to protect us, then why does “being stressed” connote a negative state of being?
* Why do we feel helpless and overwhelmed at being stressed?
* Is the stress the animal feels and what we humans feel, different? Or has it changed over time?
* If stress is supposed to protect us, but we still seem to suffer because of it, then is there something like “good” stress and “bad” stress?
* Is it really the stress that causes stress or our response to it?
* Is there a way to make stress work for us?
* How can we manage stress effectively?

Let’s understand the nature of Stress as it was intended to be...
And learn how we can best deal with it.

In this recording of a previous Open House on "SIMPLE SOLUTIONS TO STRESSFUL LIVING" take a deeper look at it, so that we can stop stressing about being stressed!

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